Services sub-page

A Subpage is a web page that appears below the top-level pages in your site navigation. Subpages typically appear as a drop-down menu in your navigation bar. In many cases, adding sub-pages to the top navigation will be the best option for organizing your information into specific categories.

The subpage lists the specific services that a company provides.

Using the example that we used for the Services page, if this were a photography website, the Services parent page would list the general services that were provided but then would also have links to specific services that could be provided. This page would be that specific link.

So for photography, this subpage would be for “Weddings and Special Events”. The content writer would then go into detail about the service of Weddings and Special Events, like what would be included in the photography session and pricing for the Weddings and Special Events.

As with every page, Hunter Marketing Group will make sure that all pages are optimized so that they rank in the various search engines with your specific key words. Having a subpage, solely dedicated to a specific service, allows that page to rank higher in the search engines and that way people can find you through your specific key words.