The homepage is likely to be the most popular page on your website. But after the homepage there are one or two other pages of almost equal importance. One of those pages is the SERVICES 31197874_l

After the homepage, the Services page often competes with the About Us page for the second most trafficked page. These pages are all important, but today we are going to focus on the importance of the Services page and the specific things that need to be present on this page.

Basics of a Services Page

The Services page is often the second or third link in the main menu. Businesses understand that new visitors to a business are looking for information about the company.

New website visitors check out the homepage for the basics. From there, the visitors dig deeper into who the company is and what they offer. This is where the visitor usually navigates to the Services page to understand in more detail what the company offers. The visitor is trying to figure out if they should contact the company to speak with someone or to request a quote.


If your company offers a lot of Services, it might be beneficial to have a Services parent page that lists all of the services in general and categorizes all of the Services into categories.

For example, if this were a photography site and the photographer offered multiple services in photography, there would be a parent page that would list the photography and a little bit about what ALL photography sessions had. But lets say the photographer did headshots, weddings, and family photos, you would want a sub page for each of the specific services that would be provided.

Hunter Marketing Group would then optimize each page so that it would register on the various search engines with the search key words that were chosen by the Client and Hunter Marketing in our initial consultation.